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50/70/144/432MHz Christmas Cumulatives

The RSGB 50/70/144/432MHz Christmas Cumulatives Contest series run from the 26th to the 29th of December each year and are intended as a bit of fun in the contester’s calendar.  The contest exchange is the usual RS(T), Serial Number and 6 character locator (e.g. JO01DQ).  These contests are really easy to become involved in, and often provide a good excuse to escape the house after Christmas.

This year, Dave M0TAZ, Dave M0YOL and George M1GEO decided to operate alfresco from the Bunker for the final two days (George having put in token entries on the 26th and 27th for 144 MHz from Home).  We operated on 50 MHz, 70 MHz and 144 MHz for the full 2 hours on a picnic table, in large overcoats on cold winter afternoons, packing up in the dark!


144 MHz was to be our main band. For that we used an Icom IC7100 transceiver, DG-8 masthead-preamplifier (GM3SEK design/M1GEO construction), and 9-element tonna (10m AGL), powered from a large 60 Ah sealed lead acid battery.


50 MHz and 70 MHz were run as a sub station. Again, using an Icom IC7100 transceiver and an InnovAntennas 6-element dual band (50/70MHz) yagi (7m AGL), with an 85 Ah leisure battery. The battery also provided mains power via a small inverter, which charged the logging laptops.


The table below shows the number of QSOs made per band on each day, as well as the best DX station callsign, locator and distance. In order of fairness, we switched callsigns on the second day, all points awarded to the SNBCG.

Band  Info 28 Dec 2015 (M0TAZ/p) 29 Dec 2015 (M1GEO/p)
144 MHz # QSOs 30 40
(IO64XL 525km)
(IO74PC 430km)
70 MHz # QSOs 7 10
(IO81MX 226km)
(IO92XW 141km)
50 MHz # QSOs 8 13
(IO81KQ 236km)
(IO74PC 430km)

The map below (click to zoom) shows the worked locators for the Contest. Almost all of the DX was worked on 144 MHz. Produced by OpenContest’s EDI Visualiser.


A very enjoyable activation.  Even if it was a little cold! Lots more photographs here.


SNBCG Christmas Meal 2015

Members of the newly formed Secret Nuclear Bunker Contest Group (SNBCG), M0SNB, met for its inaugural Christmas Meal on Saturday 12 December 2015. The event was well attended by 10 members, with some sending their apologies for absence! The group enjoyed a traditional Christmas Dinner, complete with crackers and hats, as well as the unavoidable cracker jokes! The event was expertly organised by Pete, G0IAP.


Left (front to back): Bill G0BOF, Chris G8OCV, Dave M0TAZ, Fred G3SVK & Diane XYL.
Right (front to back): Dave M0YOL, George M1GEO, Dave G7UVW, Kevin M0TBX & Peter G0IAP.

Members started to arrive early, and began chatting and discussing the new year’s events. There was much to celebrate, given the SNBCG is now affiliated to the RSGB with the callsign M0SNB as well as the long-standing GB0SNB permanent special event callsign.


(Clockwise from left): Chris G8OCV, Dave G7UVW, Bill G0BOF & George M1GEO.


(L to R): Kevin M0TBX & Dave M0YOL.

A final few snaps of the group enjoying dessert and the cracker amusements.


Dave G7UVW with the cracker toy.


Chris G8OCV with a slice of Christmas Pudding.


Fred G3SVK & Diane with their desserts.

From everyone at the Secret Nuclear Bunker Contest Group, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2016!