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Museums on the Air

We struggled during the 2012 Museums on the Air weekend, due to some very strong (S9) local QRM. Afterwards, A few of us (M1GEOG8OCV and G7UVW) decided to try some antennas out at the site. We arrived back after tea at round 8pm, having sorted out some equipment, and set up operating a portable setup. We worked around 50 QSOs during the few hours we stayed there, operating from 9pm till 12:30am 24/25th June 2012.

During one QSO, we mentioned the operating setup, Icom IC7000, 40m dipole, using a pallet as a table on wet grass and gravel, and it was suggested that we make a ‘limited edition’ QSL card to commemorate the event. So, in light of the level of organisation, here is a QSL card made in 10 minutes.

Limited Edition QSL Card

Limited Edition QSL Card

Photo taken by Dave, G7UVW of George, M1GEO operating 40 metres. The light in this image comes from the camera flash. Logging was done using the IC7000’s LCD backlight, the auto-tuner’s power light, and the keypad light on the microphone!

I think all in all, we can all say we had fun for something we set up in 10 minutes!