Monthly Archives: June 2015

International Museums Weekends

The bunker was active for the International Museums Weekends, both 20-21 June and 27-28 June 2015 as museum number 5002.

During the weekend of the 20-21 June, Peter G0IAP and Stuart G0CBT operated from the Shack, inside the bunker.  They will do so for the 27-28 June too.

For the second weekend, the contest group operated from inside the club portable shack on the higher HF band as well as on the lower VHF bands.


IMG_20150627_072751-2 IMG_20150627_194100-nopm-


The full log for the weekend can be found here, for those interested. Canada on 6 metres using the above 3+3 on 6/4 metres was a particular highlight!