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Hopefully you find yourself here having worked GB0SNB, GB2UW, GB4MW, MX0SNB or M0SNB on air! In which case, thanks for the QSO!

Batch of received QSL cards
A few received QSL cards from the RSGB Bureau

For a QSL confirmation, you can:

  • QSL via LoTW – files are uploaded regularly (preferred).
  • QSL via QRZ.com – as with LoTW, files are regularly uploaded.
  • QSL via the Bureau (RSGB). Please QSL directly to the callsign with no via. If you put a via callsign, your card is likely to be lost in the RSGB Bureau. Again, do not use a via callsign.
    • To save sending us your own QSL Card, you can Email us and we will put a card into the bureau.
    • Royal Mail prices October 2023: All postage now costs £2.20 for international standard airmail.
    • Direct cards to M1GEO must Include S.A.E, either stamped or $4 USD/€3 EUR. IRC not accepted.
  • QSL to the bunker museum – if you visit the museum, please leave your card with the canteen staff.

Due to the complexity and poor user interface of eQSL.cc, our logs are no-longer uploaded. No eQSL.

If you have problems with LoTW or QRZ confirmations, please Email us and we will take a look, subject to you providing matching QSO details.

Often, you would like a QSL card from the bunker but may not wish to send your own card. After all, we get a good number of cards, and they can’t all go on the shack wall. You can Email us and we’ll pop a card in the bureau.

If you decide to visit the bunker museum (details on how to visit us can be found here) then you can of course leave QSL cards with staff in the canteen at the end of the tour, letting them know that it is for the Amateur Radio Club.  Cards left with the staff will be returned via bureau, unless otherwise instructed.

Note, the Bunker’s postal address is on QRZ.com, but it is not preferred to QSL here. The cards will get to us, but it will take a longer time, especially over winter (Nov-Apr).

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