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Practical Wireless 70 MHz contest

The popular shortwave and ham magazine Practical Wireless runs a 70 MHz contest once a year. The contest attracts a number of entries from all around the country, including one keen team who climb Helvelyn in the Lake District (M0BKQ/P).  M0TAZ’s entry didn’t include a 900m accent to the top of a mountain, since we operated from the Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker. The location is around 130m ASL and affords nice views over the Essex countryside.


The Setup  


The activity started at 1pm and finished at 5; activity levels were moderate, with the first 2 hours being the most active. Many portable stations operate 10w or less so the amplifier and 160W did mean we sometimes had to listen very carefully to get a calling station’s details! People often assume that because they can hear you loud and clear, that their signal must also be good. The weather was sunny and this must have helped encourage people to operate portable outdoors.

We managed to work 47 stations: Our best DX was Scotland GM4JR at 454 km, and we were also pleased to work into Wales GC0VPR/P, GW0EIY/P and GW4EVX/P and also the Netherlands PA4VHF.

The QSO map pins indicates the location and number of stations worked.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.10.34

Many thanks to John M0UKD for the use of his beam and 70 MHz amplifier, both worked flawlessly and George M1GEO, Dave M0YOL and Chris G8OCV for assistance with the mast and words of encouragement.

While we were busy on 70 MHz, some of the other guys were having a crack at the CQWW RTTY contest, which was also well underway.


Further pictures are available online.

Thanks to everyone who called, and hope to work you again soon.

73 Dave M0TAZ