Field Weekend

This event was similarly organised to the previous event.  Just a few of us run the event other the weekend, with a few others from the club helping out.  No photos of this event, but some breakdown of the 393 QSOs made.

The map below shows some of the contacts made.  Locations were taken from QRZ,com and so not all worked stations are on the map.

Map of some of the stations worked

Map of some of the stations worked

Below, a breakdown of the bands used and the number of QSOs made.

Band QSOs Percentage
40m 156  39.7
20m 233  59.3
10m 4  1.00
Total 393 100

Crude analysis of contacts made by mode of operation.

Mode QSOs Percentage
SSB 295 75.1
CW 98 24.9
Total 393 100