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In order to make sure that this year's field day is a success, we have a few house rules to make everyone attending aware of. To help up us plan things better there are some questions to gauge what people would like to do. We also need to make sure that we have enough food for people to eat and enough space for people to camp.

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House rules

We want this field weekend to be a success, and to help us achieve this for everyone we have to have a few house rules. These are based on previous experience and what we have found works well:
  • On arrival, please make yourself known to either George M1GEO or Dave M0TAZ. Our contact details are on the next page. This is especially important if you don’t know us. We need to know who is on site and what you are planning to do over the field weekend. The Bunker site is a commercial site and we are there as guests of the commercial operation. People are expected to behave suitably.
  • Anyone is welcome to bring their own equipment to operate, and this is encouraged. However, it is on the basis of non-interference to others. This is not limited to radios, and also covers mobile-phone chargers, generators, inverters, solar panels, etc. It’s not fair to cause noise.
  • You may use your own callsign if you wish, or you can use the SNB group callsigns, subject to licence conditions. You must operate within licence conditions at all times. If you use an SNB group callsign (GB0SNB or MX0SNB) on your own equipment, you will be expected to provide a log file in ADIF format to George M1GEO shortly after the event. At times we receive more than 1000 QSL cards a month, so this is quite important.
  • There will be plenty of opportunities to use beams, amps, etc., and operate on the SNB group station. These stations will computer log using N1MM Logger+ (free and easy to use). All of the equipment is personally owned, so please treat things with respect.
  • Safety is of paramount importance. Ask for help if you need it. If you notice something that is not safe, please tell George M1GEO or Dave M0TAZ.
  • Finally, anyone wishing to tour the bunker – thoroughly recommended – is subject to the normal costs.
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Please tick when you expect to be around. Just so we have a rough idea of numbers.

People will start to gather on site Friday evening (>7pm) and depart Monday afternoon (<3pm).

Morning Afternoon Evening


You are welcome to camp. There are plumbed toilets available 24/7, but they may be a walk away. There is water on site.

If you are camping over the weekend, please tick here:



Ron G6LTT and Karen are have kindly offered to prepare a BBQ and Dave M0MBD is going to cook up a pot (or two) of chilli as with previous years. This will be served on the Saturday evening. There will be a small charge to cover the cost of this food. People are otherwise expected to bring their own food and drink for the duration. There is a large Sainsbury's a short drive away.

If you would like to be included in the BBQ, please tick here:
If you have any allergies please detail here (e.g., vegetarian, etc.)

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Friendly reminder: you will need to bring a chair!

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If you experience any issues with this form, contact George M1GEO.
For field day related questions, please email the committee.